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Registration to the classes of French in Lausanne Switzerland:

Students may register any time, and for any level, but they should preferably do so at least one month before the beginning of a term in order to ensure their place.
No diplomas or degrees are required to attend the School of French language.
All students over 16 years old are admitted (15 for Summer classes).
Students who need a „Certificate of Acceptance" to obtain an entry visa or a student permit for Switzerland should request it well in advance. A student permit may be obtained only if one is enrolled for a course of 20 hours a week.
Financial conditions and application forms may be obtained from the Secretary’s Office.

 Accommodation - learn French language in Lausanne :

We are a day-school. The Secretary’s Office can, however, help you to find a private room in town, a place with a family or in a boarding-house. It can supply a list of addresses or make arrangements with landladies on students’ behalf. Another possibility is to combine studies and holidays by using the camping-site at Vidy. This site is at the heart of a magnificent recreational area on the shores of Geneva Lake, at a very short distance from downtown Lausanne.


Recreation :

Optional excursions to other towns, to archaeological or artistic sites or monuments, and skiing days in the Alps are proposed by the school of French in Lausanne during the terms.
Students are strongly advised to benefit from the cultural activities available in or around Lausanne (concerts, plays, ballet, visits to museums, lectures and festivals).
The fine art exhibitions at the „Fondation de d’Hermitage" are internationally known for their quality.
Furthermore, Lausanne, as the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, is equally ideal for sports activities.
The nearby lake, mountains and forests offer excellent opportunities for rowing, swimming, tennis, golf, horseback riding, ice skating, cross-country, skiing, etc. A large number of cycling or hiking trails are also available.


Scholarships for the classes of French in Lausanne, Switzerland :

Two particularly meritorious students may be offered financial help by the School of French each term. They will be totally or partially exempted from paying their fees. This help is granted to students who have already attended at least a one term's course at the School. They must have shown that they are capable of good results through moral and intellectual qualities and that a difficult financial situation only would force them to curtail their studies of French language.
Those who feel that they meet these requirements should present the Principal with a written application.

N.B. The School of French courses in Lausanne has the right to modify the curriculum, timetable and general organization of the course (opening or cancellation of classes) as required by circumstances.


Institut Richelieu Lausanne

Fondé en 1962

école de langue
et culture française



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